Energ Power

Our company is born from the spin-off of an industrial group already present on the commodity sector at an international level, it derives from a group of managers with long-standing experience in energy trading.
The decision to place itself in Switzerland was dictated by uniting various resources from different European countries.
The company aims to position itself in the energy market at European level as a trader and wholesaler. The equity component consists of 75% of investment funds and 25% of managers.
The experience gained over time, will be the added value that will distinguish our mission - focusing on our core markets with a strong ambition to become a global market leader.

Energ Power SA is a major player in the global supply of natural gas and electricity.
The company's primary objective is complete customer satisfaction, always safeguarding our ethical and eco-sustainable principles and values with low environmental impact.
For these reasons, Energ Power has adopted a Code of Conduct that regulates the activities and behavior of the company itself and of its employees or collaborators. This code must be complied by - in the areas indicated in the contractual relationship - the supplier companies or partners of the same.

Natural Gas

Low environmental impact

Natural gas is an energy source with low environmental impact that can easily meet the most varied uses: in fact it is commonly used in the domestic sector, in the tertiary sector, in industrial areas , for the production of electricity and for motor vehicles.

Eco friendly

It is an environmentally friendly fuel because the content of polluting substances released into the atmosphere during combustion is lower than that of other fuels.

Low Emissions

The emissions of nitrogen oxides are lower than those produced by the combustion of coal, fuel oil, diesel oil and petrol; while emissions of sulfur oxides, powders and other harmful substances are considered negligible.


Thanks to the development of a capillary transport system through underground pipelines, the gas is delivered directly into homes and industries, avoiding the pollution generated by road-transit of tankers carrying liquid fuels.

Electric Power

Virtually all the objects that accompany us in our daily life need electricity to work, we now consider it normal to access such a precious resource but it needs a complex work of conversion, transport and distribution or the added value of Energ Power.


A wind farm uses wind energy to convert it into electricity. By rotating, the wind blades actuate a turbine capable of converting energy.

Phototvoltaic Voltage

A photovoltaic system is a system that converts solar power into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. The advantages of a photovoltaic system are known: saving on the energy bill; greater respect for the environment; increase in value of your property.

Energy Saving

In a scenario aimed at energy saving and energy redevelopment, Energ Power, in addition to using renewable resources for energy conversion, is able to advise you in a complex process in order to achieve tangible energy saving.